Let’s have a party!

Take it easy,
spend life cheerfully!

Enjoy your life
with AoPanda together.
They enjoy their costume in various ways
in various way.


What’s AoPanda?

Big panda is “Ah chan”,
Mini panda is “Oh chan”
They are “AoPanda”!
They share the importance of words
and positive thinking on Tiktok!

In this project
we want to show important values
which we want to teach children
through these cute AoPanda.



アニメスタジオPANDAO(仮)を立ち上げます! アニメスタジオPANDAO(仮)を立ち上げます!
Aopanda Party ロードマップ
Aopanda Party ロードマップ


Ao Umino

-AnimateCC Free Animator
-specialize in animation production for TV
and video distribution services.
-Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund
(Adobe Certified Creator).

She creates AoPanda while working on animation production.


Participated in various animation productions as an animator

Rilu Rilu Fairilu (TV Tokyo)
Aggretsuko (Netflix Original)
Ani ni tsukeru kusuri ha nai 『兄に付ける薬はない!』(TOKYO MX)
and more

Created video works in collaboration with the government

"Prevention of Infections" (animation) with Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
“fight against Corona” (video) with Iwate Prefectural Office,
which was first attempt to use on TikTok

Grand Prize of short movie in "Video Festa 2019"
sponsored by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Support Member

  • Support Member Goma

    The leader of PANDAO.
    He is reliable and full of love.
    He is supporting the community
    from the beginnng,
    And very good at skiing!

  • Support Member YumeG

    He gets up at 3am every day
    and writes daily news of PANDAO.
    He manages PANDAO
    with comfort and gentle feeling.

  • Support Member Yasuyon

    The leader of speaker team.
    She helps PANDAO
    by high level English
    with her gentle voice.
    She’s dreaming to spread Aopanda
    to the world.

  • Support Member Kuina

    He helps NFT beginners
    very kindly.
    He likes working out and does everyday!

  • Support Member Tapan

    The founder of
    NinjaDaoWeb3 engineer
    training project.
    He also helps Ao san so much
    and encourages her a lot!

  • Support Member Masapan

    The Engineer of PANDAO.
    He’s really excited to the Web3 world
    while working in web2 company.
    He is kind of backseat player
    helping PANDAO move forward.



@aopanda_ao 1万体のアイコン制作中🔥パーツのアイディアあればコメントしてね🐼🦊 @ななゆ(七瀬真結) #あおぱんだ #アニメーション #アトリエプロジェクト #1030 ♬ オリジナル楽曲 - Ao Umino🐼🐼Aopanda



Number: 10,000 Panda
Price: 0.001ETH(About $1)
Reliease date:October 30th (SUN)
Starts at 12:00PM (JST)